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Decoration Styles


Direct to film (DTF) Printing is a relatively new alternative to Screen Printing. With DTF, a printer applies a very detailed image onto film using state of the art inkjet technology. The color and design options are limitless with this for of printing. Whereas traditional Screen Printing is limited to a certain number of colors and is not as detailed. Once the image is printed, it is then applied to the garment using heat and pressure to permanantly adhere to the material. This application is much more durable and has a softer feel than standard Screen Printing.

For best long-lasting results, we recommend cold water wash inside out, tumble dry on low or hang to dry. Do not bleach.


Embroidery is the most durable and professional looking branding for your business, team, event, or everyday wear. Enjoy simple and striking design with this permanent application that doesn’t degrade as quickly as Screen Printing or DTF. We can embroider just about anything soft enough to put a needle through. Let us take your promotional product to the next level!

Screen printing

Screen Printing has been the t-shirt printing standard for decades. This process is best for larger orders of less detailed, low color count designs that are going on durable fabrics such as cotton.